Two games up North this last weekend

We had two games over the weekend, where we played against  Rainy River and Hibbing technical college. I have never been up north and I don’t want to go back because they had the worst service, too many trees and way too cold, it was just too much for me personally and I kept asking why there were so many trees and the all the girls basketball team would say because we are up north. Also, the wasn’t full length college basketball court and that was frustrating to Kong my teammate and I.The boys and the girls both took one bus and the girls played two as well. It was the longest bus ride I haven’t been on and it was nearly six hours long and I didn’t sleep the whole way because coach said if you sleep on the bus your body takes forever to wake up so, I decided to  not take nap and my performance level wasn’t at where I usually play. I can’t blame that on the coach or anyone it was simply a decision  I made and the outcome of it wasn’t the way I wanted it to be and I’ll learn from that. The thing was I didn’t know how my body was going to feel after sitting on a bus for six hours without sleeping. But, I guess there are because during the first game we played which was versus Hibbing and this team had the number one player of the week #2. I felt like I had to bring my A game because we all knew this team was legit and everyone had to be ready. The coach said you never know whose name will be called, even the nonplayers, we had to do everything in our power if we were going to have a chance against these guys. The first half, I played horribly because my forearms start cramping which made it hard to shoot and dribble. When I asked the coach about it he said he’s never heard of it and from there on I kept playing into the second half which my forearms got better and we ended up winning the game. The only reason I manage to keep up in the second half was, I passed the ball more so it didn’t bother me. Like I said we won the game only because we had one great week of practice before this game.


preparing for DCTC game Friday

DCTC is a team we play three times this season and they are a great transition team. The first time we played Dctc we lost to them by fifteen and they are very much beatable, this was here at our place made it kind of made a little more excited to play them again, same goes for my teammates. we just have to bring our A game this Friday we play them at their place. For practice today we didn’t come out with energy. This made coach have to tell us that the atmosphere wasn’t right and we must have a championship practice. After coach “Brian Laplant” addressed this to the team the tempo for practice dramatically changed and everyone was engaged. Coach says we must have championship practices because when it comes to national we will know exactly what to do in almost every situations, depending on if it’s crunch time or not and he just wants us to be prepared for when the time comes. One other thing that’s important to coach Brian Laplant is that DCTC is a D2 junior college and we are a d2. Coach Laplant enjoys the thrill of the beating a team that thinks they are better because their division teams are more worthy opponents than we are. For the game plan, we decided to gap of a couple of their players that were not much of a threat. The players we could gap of we numbers 15 their powere forward and number 5 one of their point guards. But for the rest of the team mainly number 23 their best player, we could not let him do his favorite move them in and out or we were going to be in trouble the whole game. This was the one guy we could leave open at any moment in time. I felt like we were confident going into this game, even coach said himself after practice and we all felt it was a wonderful practice.

blog tour 2

Emily’s blog was almost identical to Eli’s because they were both complicated to get to both their of blogs only Because they simply wanted to be unique in other ways. I feel like both their ideas of how you have to kind of take a little tour of how their blogs work and it really makes it adventurous because, you start getting ideas in your head of how the blog is set up and if you are going to learn anything or not, you just don’t know what you’re going to stumble upon. Emily’s final project was about art and how fun it can be sometimes to draw and come up with your own little creations. Also, Emily explains how there are all sorts of way you can draw and how not all drawings are done the same. For example, she mentions how all the different way you use a lead and how you are supposed to shade depending on the painting. Furthermore, Emily talks about her favorite artist and why,  as she mentions was, “Emily’s favorite artist that I was introduced to back in high-school and had to do a project that went along with the next unit is a guy named Andy Warhol. The unique thing about his work is that it’s basically “pop art”.” She enjoys pop is because you don’t have to put too much effort into the coloring but you do on the drawing, of course, she said she calls it wacky coloring because you kind of just color any colors you want and where ever you like. I personally enjoy pop art as well because in high school, in painting 1 I had to draw a pop art of the mushrooms in the Mario cart and it was amazing because of the coloring. My personal favorite pop artist and abstract are Jackson Pollock. I like his work because the way he does it it’s how so freely with his paintings. Frome viewing Emily’s blog I can tell she has a lot of love for art and she’s at drawing from what I saw personally. I enjoy art but can’t draw.

blog tour post 1

When I First Got on Epjs blog I had no idea what it was going to look and didn’t know if he started his final project or not. First thing, I noticed that was unique about Eli’s blog was how his posts were set up. It was kind of complicated to get to each one of his blog posts because he had them individually in almost a different link and I had to click multiple time to get to each and every one of his posts. Each one of his posts had a title and that’s all it showed. This was very eye catching to me because I wouldn’t have even thought of this idea. When I started I didn’t know if he had done his final project or not so when I got on his blog page there was a sense of relief because he did begin his final project. Elies, the final project covers a broad view of ideas that are all connected in a way. all his final project posts talk about how he’s gone through many changes in his life and how he kept himself motivated through these hard times, and changes. Also, talks about how he has learned through these changes and it’s who he is today because of everything he’s gone through. The one post that, was when his parents told him my parents told me that they were finally deciding to move to Florida and that they would be selling the house. They did talk about Florida often so it wasn’t a complete shock. I was left with a decision, go to Florida with my parents and sisters and transfer to a different high school or finish the year with my friends and graduate with my fellow classmates well also living with my grandma”. This was very appealing to me because I wouldn’t know what to do either, especially at the age he was at and how much harder it would have been to adapt to these changes. So, he made the solo decision to stay here and finish high school here and finish school without his family. With all that said I personally think that this was a perfect topic to have a final project on because your classmates learn so much about you and some might have empathy for you or might have gone through the same changes through life. What I learned was that these things happen in life and as you can see that Eli is still in one peace from what he’s gone through.

How coaches can ruin the game you love

Everybody has something they care about, have a love for and enjoy. For me, something I truly love and care for is the game of basketball. Growing up, I always played basketball or even had a basketball in my hand whenever I could. Something I always struggled with was keeping and gaining a strong mindset, maintaining focus, and continuing to keep powering through the setbacks. Coaches play a big part in the game of basketball. For most people, coaches can either make or break your basketball career. A basketball player always wants to improve and be a very successful player, but if you have a coach who is consistently yelling at you, not giving you chances, not supporting you or not keeping a positive environment, it makes things difficult to stay focused on the final outcome of success. One of the worst things a coach could do to a basketball player would be to put them down into a mindset or position that would give them the thought of failure.

I personally think coaches need to make sure they are thinking of the big picture especially when it comes to how they communicate with their players. Most coaches are always caught up in the moment, which is understandable but it can leave an impact on one player’s life and career. Having a coach constantly nag on you makes you think that you aren’t good enough or that you don’t have potential. The only thing that a player wants to know and hear is that they are worth it and that they do have potential.

As a basketball player, I experienced this myself and I know how it feels. Hopefully, in the near future, I can be a basketball coach for my son’s basketball team and try my very best to be the best coach who provides for his players and supports them in any way.

Should college basketball players get paid?

As a college basketball player, I personally think that it would be very beneficial and helpful as a student-athlete. College tuition is very expensive and I personally struggle with paying for it and also supporting myself with other personal needs, such as basketball equipment and necessities. Financial aid is very helpful, but it does not always cover everything which leaves student-athletes in tough positions to take out student loans so they can continue to get an education. Taking out student loans has its positives, but loans can be very crucial when it comes to future payments and long hauls.

Getting paid as a college basketball player would help people out in so many ways. Some of the simple ways would be making it easier to supply food or clothing for oneself. Being able to have a place to stay and maintain good health is always very important and that money would help tremendously. Finally, getting paid as a college basketball player would help student-athletes avoid the bad dream of student loans and debt with many years of future payments.

Many college students have a dream of going to the NBA; some dreamed of it since they were a little kid. With college basketball students getting paid to play this would help many college students grow in their career and reach their dreams. I believe that if someone is not given an opportunity then they won’t be able to prove someone wrong or reach their dreams they’ve always aspired. There is a large amount of talent that is hidden within the walls of a college and if most of these college students were given a chance to play with paid playing time, then the future of the NBA would reach higher limits then it has in the future. I’ve always wanted to chase my dream and getting paid to play the game I love would be a dream come true.

Two practices before a game

In my opinion, I think practice went well for myself and my teammates. In two days, we play the Gustavus junior-varsity team, but not the varsity team. This is our fifth game of the season and we are really itching for that one win to give us a feeling of victory. We have lost our last four games and the reason is simple; we didn’t listen to our coaches game plan. Out of all of the previous games that we have played, we have only had one close game and that was versus Else-Worth community college. Unfortunately, we lost that game by seven points, due to lack of communication skills and ignorance between the team. Thankfully, the team did exactly what coach Brian La-Plant and coach Bondie said; they both told the team that the opponents are going to use a lost of screens and shoot three-pointers and that’s how we lost by those exact shots. Both coaches decided that if we were to continue on the way with success, we needed to play as a team and focus on growing and developing individually and as a team otherwise the consequence would result in a decrease of wins and improvement in the season. Coach Brian La-Plant decided that the best route to take for the team was to mentally forget about the four losses and mistakes made. With this route, the team would act as if the season was going to restart and practices were going to be a replica of training boot camp to cover all the basics and get our minds back on track. Coaches response took me by surprise because it felt like he cared about us as a team, our performance, and was willing to put in the work to make sure we got where we needed to be.